(CFD) Change of CFD Index UK100 Trading Hours  Blog, MSF, POEMS  May 22, 2023

Dear Clients,

We would like to inform you that there is a change in UK 100 Index GBP1 CFD (UK100.IX) index trading hours on both POEMS CFD and POEMS CFD MT5.

Please refer below for the revised trading hours and take note that the new trading hours will be effective from 22 May 2023 (Monday).

Existing trading hours

  • 14:00PM – 04:00AM (Daylight saving)
  • 15:00PM – 05:00AM (Non daylight saving)

New trading hours
  • 08:01AM – 04:00AM (Daylight saving)
  • 09:01AM – 05:00AM (Non daylight saving)