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Exciting New Features with iPhone & iPad Applications

Phillip CFD Platform | Order & Price Alerts

Price Alerts

Alerts on-the-go : Receive real-time notifications anywhere you are on the latest price changes for your favourite SGX stocks.

Phillip CFD Platform | Advanced Order Types

Risk Management Order Types

Risk management is critical to successful trading. Maximise your profits and minimise your losses with risk management order types such as Stop Limit, Trailing Stop Limit, If Done, OCO and Contingency orders on both Shares CFD & DMA CFD. iPhone & iPad applications helps you to keep your emotions at bay to manage your trade more effectively.

CLICK HERE to learn how to use the various order types.

Phillip CFD Platforms | Mobile Charting

Advanced Charting

Identify trends with advanced charting solutions! Choose from 3 different chart types (Line, Candlestick, Bar) – daily or historical and 4 new indicators including SMA, EMA, Bollinger Bands, RSI and more!

*All depictions of trades by image are for illustrative purposes only and not a recommendation to buy or sell any particular financial instrument.

For Existing Phillip CFD Account Holders

If you already have a CFD Account, you can access POEMS Mobile by downloading the application from the Apple App Store or click the link below.


Have a POEMS account but no CFD? Get CFD facility activated on your POEMS account by clicking on ‘Open an Account’, complete the online application form, print and then mail it to us.

After CFD has been activated on your POEMS account, you may access CFDs on POEMS Mobile.

For non-POEMS Account Holders

If you do not have a POEMS account, simply open one today with CFD facility by clicking on ‘Open an Account’, complete the online application forms, print and then mail it to us.

After your POEMS account is activated, you may access CFDs via POEMS Mobile.

Minimum Requirements


iOS7.0 or later


iOS4.3 or later

Mobile browser

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