Zero Commissions for Thai SDR CFD

Enjoy Zero Commissions when you trade Thai Singapore Depository Receipt (SDR) Contracts For Difference (CFDs)!

THrilled to trade the new Thai SDR CFD counters? 

For a limited time only, from 15 June to 29 September 2023, enjoy zero commissions when you trade Thai SDR CFDs & Direct Market Access (DMA) CFDs! Fees and charges applied.

Phillip Securities has become the first institution in Singapore to issue the SGX Singapore Depository Receipts (SDR) under the Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage. SDR, the first exchange-level DR cooperation in Southeast Asia was officially launched on 30 May 2023. As the issuer of the product, Phillip Securities will handle the issuance and cancellation of the SDR.

Under the Thailand-Singapore DR Linkage, the initial wave of SDR will be introduced for Thai-listed securities. Thailand, the second-largest economy in Southeast Asia, is projected by the Asian Development Bank to experience an annual GDP growth rate of 3 to 4 per cent in the coming years, making it an appealing investment destination. With the introduction of SDR, Singaporean investors will enjoy the convenience of accessing prominent Thai blue chip companies through local broker arrangements, home-market rules and regulations in local currency.

SDR is an exchange traded instrument that provides investors financial exposure and benefits attached to an underlying security listed on an overseas exchange.

What are Thai Singapore Depository Receipts (SDR)?

Thai SDR are instruments representing beneficial interest in the underlying Non-Voting Depository Receipt (NVDR) listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

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Exposure to Global Markets

SDRs provide investors efficient access to global markets for portfolio diversification.



Up to 5x Leverage for investors to gain exposure to the market with a small capital.



Ability to go long or short, participating in the market regardless of price movements in either directions.

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Contract Specifications

SGX Counters Airport of Thailand (AOT) SDR  
PTT Exploration & Production (PTTEP) SDR

Trading Hours


Singapore Time (Mon – Fri)

09:00 to 12:00

13:00 to 17:00


Singapore Time (Mon – Fri)

Pre-open session                      08:30 – 08:58

Non-cancel period                     08:58 – 09.00

Trading session                         09:00 – 12:00

Pre-open session                      12:00 – 12:58

Non-cancel period                     12:58 – 13:00

Trading session                         13:00 – 17:00

Pre-close session                      17:00 – 17:06

Trade At Close (TAC) session   17:06 – 17:16

Close session                            17:16

Settlement Currency

Singapore Dollars

Contract Size

Minimum 100 contracts

Finance Charges


Long Finance Charges (DR): 6.75% p.a.

Short Finance Charges (DR): 9.50% p.a.


Long Finance Charges (DR): 6.75% p.a.

Short Finance Charges (DR): 9.50% p.a.

Margin Requirement

Airport of Thailand (AOT) SDR - 30% 
CP All (CPALL) SDR - 20% 
PTT Exploration & Production (PTTEP) SDR - 20%

Terms and Conditions

1.     This promotion is valid from 15 June 2023 to 29 September 2023 (“Promotion Period”), both dates inclusive, for the following Contracts for Difference (CFD) products (“Eligible CFD & DMA-CFD Products”):

a.     Airports of Thailand (AOT) SDR

b.     CP All (CPALL) SDR

c.     PPT Exploration & Production (PTTEP) SDR

2.  There will be Zero Commissions for all Eligible CFD Products during the Promotion Period.

3. Standard Finance Charges and prevailing exchange rates apply. Learn more here:

4.This promotion is applicable to the following (“Eligible Accounts”):

a.     All Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (“PSPL”) Customers with a CFD account on POEMS.

5.     The following Customers are NOT eligible to participate in this promotion unless approved by the management of PSPL:

a.     All employees of PSPL / Phillip Nova Pte Ltd (“PNPL”) and its associated entities (e.g. trading representatives, financial adviser representatives); PSPL and all its subsidiaries (direct or indirect); and their immediate families (e.g. spouse and children).

6.     In the event of a dispute over the Customer’s eligibility to participate in this promotion, PSPL’s decision will be final.

7.     Notwithstanding anything herein contained, PSPL reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to (i) amend, add and / or delete these Terms and Conditions without prior notification (including eligibility; replacement of the prize; promotional mechanics, promotion duration without prior notification, qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and / or deletions when effected, or (ii) vary, withdraw, or cancel any items or the promotion without having to disclose a reason thereof and without any compensation or payment whatsoever. PSPL’s decision on all matters relating to the promotion shall be final and binding on all participants.

8.     This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

9.    CFDs may not be suitable for customer whose risk tolerance is low. Customers are advised to understand the nature and risks involved in margin trading. Any CFD offered is not approved or endorsed by the issuer or originator of the underlying security and the issuer or originator is not privy to the CFD contract. Phillip Securities Pte Ltd reserves the right to amend the published information without prior notice. You are advised to read carefully and understand the Risk Disclosure Statement before undertaking transactions in CFDs. As CFD is a Specified Investment Product (SIP), retail customers are subject to the relevant assessment for trading/investing in SIPs. This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

10.     By taking part in this promotion, the participant acknowledges that he / she has read and consented to these Terms & Conditions.


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