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Trade CFDs conveniently with POEMS 2.0 (Phillip Online Electronic Mart System)


New Exciting Features

  • Experience the new look of POEMS. With its contemporary and intuitive design, POEMS 2.0 changes the way you trade.
  • Create your own customizable trading page at your fingertips!
  • Global Watchlist synchronized on POEMS browser version on smartphones and tablets
  • Easily accessible trading tools: Stock Screener, Stock Analytics, Trading Info and MORE

POEMS 2.0 allows clients to trade a wide variety of products such as CFD, Stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF), Unit Trusts etc. This makes it an ideal one-stop trading platform for you. With POEMS 2.0, clients are offered a hassle-free way of to trade CFDs.

As it is an online trading platform, POEMS 2.0 is easily accessible through an internet browser. Clients can use it anywhere with an internet connection, and the simple system requirements brings great convenience to investors.

Checking on account status and current market positions is a simple affair, instead of having to wait for monthly statements. The leveraged nature of CFD means that even minor changes in price could result in large fluctuations in the profits or losses made, so staying updated would aid investors in maximizing their returns.

Important Note: POEMS 2.0 is compatible with Internet Explorer 8 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.
Trades submitted through POEMS 2.0 are real trades.