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2 Way Amalgamation

All trades of the same CFD contract traded intraday are amalgamated

Contract for Differences Products

Contract for Differences is a contractual agreement between two parties to settle the difference between opening and closing price at the close of contract.

Direct Market Access CFD

Direct Market Access (DMA) CFD allows investors to have direct access to the cash market via CFD.

World Indices CFD

World Indices CFD allows investors to track and trade the underlying index, although the prices may differ from the actual index levels.

Commodities CFD

Commodities CFD allows investors to participate
in the price movement of the underlying commodities, ranging from metals, and energy to agriculture.

Forex (FX) CFD

Forex (FX) CFD allows investors to long or short a currency pair allowing investors to trade and take advantage of both rising or falling market price movements.

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