(CFD) Ascendas REIT Rights Issue    November 8, 2019

Please be informed that Ascendas REIT is having a renounceable rights issue 4 per 25 with ex-date on 8th November 2019. We will be catering for the rights only for LONG positions. For LONG clients who are intending to hold your positions past the ex-date and be entitled to the rights, we would like to highlight the increased risk of a margin call between the ex-date and the rights trading date. You will still be subjected to standard margin call procedures. Ascendas REIT rights will be reflected in your CFD account after 14th Nov 2019. There will not be any conversion of the rights and as such all clients MUST sell their rights during the rights trading period from 14th Nov 2019 to 22th Nov 2019. Otherwise, the rights will lapse and be closed off at a traded price of zero. Liquidation of your rights will be done on a phone-only market order basis. Commission is chargeable for the liquidation of the rights at the commission rates similar to Ascendas REIT under CFD. Finance charge for the rights will not be chargeable. We will post further updates if there are any changes on the rights issue above. Updated 8th November 2019, 9:24am