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CFD: All and Why You need to know About It
November 21, 2018, Wednesday, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Raffles City Tower, Level 7, Seminar Room
Outstanding October? It Would Have been if you were on the SHORT Side, if Not You’ll probably be Out of the Money and Out of the Market. 10 Oct 2018 was another day to remember as the Dow plunged more than 800 points in a day causing wide spread panic selling. Stocks were brutally sold … Continue reading "CFD: All and Why You need to know About It"
Maximising Returns with CFD
November 23, 2018, Friday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Phillip Investor Centre – Toa Payoh
Synopsis Learning to ride the ups and downs of market volatility? Interested in hedging your risk from the cash markets? Come join us for this introductory course and understand the details of Shares CFD and Direct Market Access CFD. The session also covers: Everything you need to know about CFD trading Why is CFD such … Continue reading "Maximising Returns with CFD"
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Income Investing for Retirement
November 23, 2018, Friday, 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm Raffles City Tower (L6)
Many people believe that once they retire, they need to focus on “income investing” — that is, putting most or even all of their savings into investments that generate regular payouts, such as bonds, REITS or dividend stocks and Unit Trust, or a combination of these. Does this approach have any shortcomings and do you know how to go … Continue reading "Income Investing for Retirement"
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How to Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg with SRS?
November 26, 2018, Monday, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Phillip Investor Centre Lite (Jurong East)
How to Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg with SRS? It is time for you to find ways to reduce your income tax for next year! Do you want to know how to save up to 50% on your income tax and increase your retirement Nest Egg at the same time? Do you know that if … Continue reading "How to Grow Your Retirement Nest Egg with SRS?"
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REITs For Beginners
November 27, 2018, Tuesday, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Phillip Investor Centre Lite (Jurong East)
REITs For Beginners Are you looking for investment options that have better pay outs than regular bank savings accounts’ interest? Are you looking for another source of Passive Income for retirement planning? If yes, this seminar is for you! This seminar will teach you how you can start to generate Passive Income via REITs investing … Continue reading "REITs For Beginners"


Market Watch: US Market Review & Berkshire’s Annual Shareholders Meeting
Posted on 17 May, 2017, Wednesday, 4:39pm
Alice Guan
Greater China Market Analyst
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd, Global Markets

Market Watch: Gold Outlook
Posted on 16 May, 2017, Tuesday, 4:37pm
Zhou Shiwei Investment Analyst, Phillip Futures

Invest China 2017
Posted on 15 May, 2017, Monday, 4:30pm
Something is bubbling in the Chinese equities space, and it is important to be equipped with the relevant tools to capture potential market opportunities when they arise. In this special seminar, we will discuss the macroeconomic outlook for China, investment opportunities, stocks to watch and the relevant trading strategies that you would need to know, so that you are ready to take on the Chinese markets.

Market Outlook – Company Results (15 May 2017)
Posted on 14 May, 2017, Sunday, 4:35pm

In this week's webinar, we presented on company results for Health Management International, Q&M Dental, City Developments Ltd, Hock Lian Seng, Ezion, China Everbright Water, and OCBC.

Crude Oil Price Outlook for 2017
Posted on 20 Dec, 2016, Tuesday, 4:00pm
Crude Oil Price Outlook for 2017

Commentator: Jonathan Chan
Designation: Investment Analyst, Phillip Futures