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Technical Analysis for Beginners
January 30, 2019, Wednesday, 7:30 pm - 9:30 pm Phillip Investor Centre Lite (Jurong East)
Learn how to read charts using indicators What You Will Learn: 1. Does Technical Analysis work? 2. Why most traders use indicators? 3. Top 3 indicators that you must know! 4. Demo on how to apply indicators on POEMS 2.0 5. Introduction to CFD 6. Free FAQ for Stock Markets related topics 7. Current market … Continue reading "Technical Analysis for Beginners"


Market Watch: Singapore Weekly Week 2
Posted on 09 Jan, 2019, Wednesday, 11:09am
Paul Chew
Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd

Market Watch: Santa Claus Rally – Does it hold true?
Posted on 27 Dec, 2018, Thursday, 11:41am
Jun Rong Yeap
Equity Specialist
Phillip Investor Centre

Market Watch: Would the Fed raise interest rates in the 4th quarter?
Posted on 04 Dec, 2018, Tuesday, 2:41pm
Edmund Xue
Investment Analyst
Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd

Market Watch: Weekly Recap of Major Currency Pairs
Posted on 21 Nov, 2018, Wednesday, 2:43pm
Samuel Siew
Investment Analyst
Phillip Futures Pte Ltd

Market Watch: US Midterm Elections – How It May Affect The Market
Posted on 12 Nov, 2018, Monday, 2:45pm
Chen Zeying
Equity Specialist
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd