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Market Watch: Weekly Recap of Major Currency Pairs
Posted on 21 Nov, 2018, Wednesday, 2:43pm
Samuel Siew
Investment Analyst
Phillip Futures Pte Ltd

Market Watch: US Midterm Elections – How It May Affect The Market
Posted on 12 Nov, 2018, Monday, 2:45pm
Chen Zeying
Equity Specialist
Phillip Securities Pte Ltd

Market Watch: Marijuana Stocks
Posted on 05 Nov, 2018, Monday, 2:46pm
Terence Chen Junwei
Senior Dealer
CFD Department

Market Watch: Week 44 – Phillip Weekly Musings
Posted on 30 Oct, 2018, Tuesday, 2:48pm
Alvin Chia
Phillip Securities Research Pte Ltd

Market Watch: USDJPY Forecast – Technical Analysis Perspective
Posted on 24 Oct, 2018, Wednesday, 2:52pm
Lee Yi Jie
Phillip Futures Pte Ltd