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Terms & Conditions

1.    Promotion Period

  •  This promotion is valid from 3 June 2024 to 31 August 2024, both dates inclusive.

2.    Eligible Contract for Differences (CFDs) Products on POEMS

  • Equity CFDs [include Direct Market Access CFDs (DMA)]
  • Index CFDs
  • Commodities CFDs
  • Forex CFDs

3.    Qualifying Criteria

  • This promotion is applicable for all Phillip Securities Pte Ltd (“PSPL”) Customers who have not opened a POEMS CFD account, based on their unique NRIC/FIN number.
  • Customers will have to download the POEMS Mobile 3 App and do a one-time login with their account number.
  • Redeem the reward coupon on our POEMS Mobile 3 App in order for the reward to be credited. Issuance of the reward coupon is addressed under point 5.
  • Accounts closed before the crediting date will not be eligible.

4.     Rewards Mechanics

  • Eligible Clients will receive Rewards based on the “Requirement” as shown in the table below:
Tier 1
Open POEMS CFD account 
Palantir Technologies Inc share CFD (NYSE:PLTR)
Tier 2
Trade S$1,500,000 in CFD  Contract Value
Taiwan Semiconductor Mfg. Co. Ltd. share CFD (NYSE: TSM)
Tier 3*
Trade S$4,500,000 in CFD Contract Value
Microsoft Corp share CFD (NASDAQ: MSFT)

*There is no limit for Tier 1 and 2 but Tier 3 reward will be limited to the first 500 customers who fulfill the conditions.

  • Customers can meet the contract value amount requirement for the promotion by executing both new and liquidation trades.
  • Customers can trade the Eligible Contract for Differences (CFDs) Products on POEMS to meet the contract value requirement.
  • Contract value is based on SGD equivalent in foreign currencies.
  • Customers are entitled to only one of the tier rewards, and is based on the total accumulated traded contract value in any one of their CFD Accounts with PSPL at the end of the promotion period.

 5.  Crediting terms will be as follows: 

  • Customers who have met the Requirement will receive an email notification to prompt Customers to redeem their coupon. Customers can then redeem the coupon from POEMS Mobile 3 App > ‘Rewards’ from 10 September 2024.
  • Customers are required to redeem the Reward by 24 September 2024 for it to be eligible. Failure to do so, will result in forfeiture of the reward.
  • Customers will have their Reward credited within 7 working days after redeeming it on POEMS Mobile 3 App. They will be notified at their registered POEMS email address through once the Reward has been credited.

6.   PSPL may, without notice and at any time, reserves the right to change the free shares CFD to a similar CFD valued at US$20* (1st Tier), US$100* (2nd Tier) or US$400 (3rd Tier). Prices of the free shares CFD are subject to price fluctuations. Prizes won are given out on an “as it is” basis, and are not transferable, or exchangeable or redeemable for cash. To the extent not prohibited by law, all warranties and representations in connection with the prizes are expressly excluded.

7. Liquidating of the free share CFD reward is subjected to commissions and other charges.

8.   The following customers are NOT eligible to participate in this promotion unless approved by the management of PSPL: All employees of PSPL / Phillip Nova Pte. Ltd. (“PNPL”), and their associated entities (e.g. trading representatives, financial advisor representatives); PSPL and all its subsidiaries (direct or indirect); and their immediate families (e.g. spouse and children).

9.    By taking part in the promotion, you agree and consent to PSPL sending relevant information to third-party service providers to facilitate the delivery and redemption of the Reward.

10.    In the event of a dispute over the Customer’s eligibility to participate in this promotion, PSPL’s decision will be final.

11.    Notwithstanding anything herein contained, PSPL reserves the right at any time in its absolute discretion to (i) amend, add and / or delete these Terms and Conditions without prior notification (including eligibility; replacement of the prize; promotional mechanics, promotion duration without prior notification, qualifying terms and criteria), and all participants shall be bound by such amendments, additions and / or deletions when effected, or (ii) vary, withdraw, or cancel any items or the promotion without having to disclose a reason thereof and without any compensation or payment whatsoever. PSPL’s decision on all matters relating to the promotion shall be final and binding on all participants.

12.    This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

13.    By taking part in this promotion, the participant acknowledges that he / she has read and consented to these Terms & Conditions.

This promotion is provided to you for general information only and does not constitute a recommendation, an offer or solicitation to buy or sell the investment product mentioned. It does not have any regard to your specific investment objectives, financial situation or any of your particular needs. Accordingly, no warranty whatsoever is given and no liability whatsoever is accepted for any loss arising whether directly or indirectly as a result of your acting based on this information. 

Investments are subject to investment risks. The risk of loss in leveraged trading can be substantial. You may sustain losses in excess of your initial funds and may be called upon to deposit additional margin funds at short notice. If the required funds are not provided within the prescribed time, your positions may be liquidated. The resulting deficits in your account are subject to penalty charges. The value of investments denominated in foreign currencies may diminish or increase due to changes in the rates of exchange. You should also be aware of the commissions and finance costs involved in trading leveraged products. This product may not be suitable for clients whose investment objective is preservation of capital and/or whose risk tolerance is low. Clients are advised to understand the nature and risks involved in margin trading. 

You may wish to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, pursuant to a separate engagement, before making a commitment to purchase any of the investment products mentioned herein. In the event that you choose not to obtain advice from a qualified financial adviser, you should assess and consider whether the investment product is suitable for you before proceeding to invest and we do not offer any advice in this regard unless mandated to do so by way of a separate engagement. You are advised to read the trading account Terms & Conditions and Risk Disclosure Statement (available online at before trading in this product. 

Any CFD offered is not approved or endorsed by the issuer or originator of the underlying securities and the issuer or originator is not privy to the CFD contract. 

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Customer who have not opened a POEMS CFD account, based on the their unique NRIC/FIN number can qualify for the promotion. Existing POEMS Customer with no CFD account can qualify for this promotion when they opt-in to CFD.

No, you will automatically be opted into the promotion as long as the terms and conditions are satisfied. No additional sign-ups required! 

The eligible CFD products for the promotion are all Equity CFDs [include Direct Market Access CFDs (DMA)], Index CFDs, Commodities CFDs and Forex CFDs.

If you are eligible for the reward, an email will be sent to you, prompting the redemption of the free shares CFD coupon. You can redeem the coupon from POEMS Mobile 3 App > ‘Rewards’ on 10 September-24 September 2024 (valid for 2 weeks).

After redeeming the coupon on POEMS Mobile 3 App, the free shares CFD will be credited within 7 working days from the day of redemption. An email notification will also be sent to your registered email address with PSPL via as a confirmation once the free shares CFD has been credited 

You will have to download the POEMS Mobile 3 App here and do a one-time login into the app with your POEMS account number before 30 August 2024. Simply click on Login > Enter your POEMS Account Number and POEMS Account Password.

You can download  POEMS Mobile 3 App here.


Yes, you will receive an email notification via your registered POEMS email address through within 7 working days of redeeming your free shares CFD coupon

To be eligible for the promotion, you must open and trade using your CFD account before 30 August 2024, 2359 SGT.

Kindly drop us an email at along with your Account number to check your eligibility for this promotion.

Email us at, if you have any other enquiries!

Trade CFDs on our seamless platform. Open a CFD account now!