Spotlight on USD: Recent Updates and its Future Outlook

Speaker: Sze Han Yeo | Assistant Manager, Dealer | Contract for Differences
Date : 15 November 2023

The USD is the world’s most actively traded currency and it is the primary reserve currency for most central banks around the world.

Beginning July 2023, the USD had occupied news headlines due to its rapid strengthening, but this upward momentum appeared to have dissipated in October. Will we see further strengthening of the USD, or will the USD start to weaken from current levels?

Join us at this Zoom webinar as we explore key events affecting the movement of the USD through the last 50 year, and a discussion of factors in the current economic environment that may affect the direction of the USD in the months ahead.

This webinar will cover:
  • Introduction to FX-CFD trading
  • Historical developments and current market updates for the USD
  • Technical Analysis and outlook for USD