Chinese New Year: Three Cases For CFD Trading

Chinese New Year CFD Trading

Chua Minghan, CFA | Senior Manager, Dealing

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The Chinese New Year is a festive season may be celebrated by some parts of the world, but the trading cycle during this period is not different in the other parts of the world. As families come together to celebrate, markets often experience unique trends and shifts, influenced by this global festivity. From increased consumer spending to shifts in market sentiments, the Chinese New Year opens the door to distinct trading patterns, making it a pivotal time for both traders and investors.

At the end of this article, I will share with you some trading opportunities and a free indicator I have developed, to help plan your trades more effectively. These insights and tools are designed to empower you to navigate the festive market with confidence and make the most of the opportunities that the Chinese New Year brings.

Before we dive in, let’s revisit our article from a year ago, where we outlined our trade plans.

We were bullish on China A50, bearish on USDCNH, and bullish on Gold. Given that China A50 and USDCNH are negatively correlated, our predictions for China A50 and subsequently for USDCNH did not pan out as expected. However, our outlook on Gold did materialise, with it reaching a peak of 2236.6 on 7 March 2022.

Effective trade planning often leads to higher profitability, as you would be more careful to only take trades that align with your strategy.

With this in mind, let’s explore potential trading opportunities this Chinese New Year. As we aim to capitalise on short-term market fluctuations, we recommend using Contracts for Difference (CFD), a financial instrument that is well-suited for short-term trading.

Hengan International CFD

Hengan International Group Co., Ltd. specialises in the trading of personal hygienic products including sanitary napkins, disposable diapers, and tissue paper products.

Source: Phillip CFD

If you believe that the Chinese markets have reached their lowest point and are poised for a lift-off during the festive season, then Hengan International might be a company worth considering.

As a trader who prefers to follow the trend, I would approach this trade with caution.

With strict expectations, I’d like to see prices unfold as follows:



I typically prefer to see prices break above and then retrace to the red line before I consider entering a trade. This approach helps in identifying a potential entry point with a more favourable risk-reward ratio.

Sheng Siong CFD

Source: FreePik

A popular destination for Chinese New Year shopping is Sheng Siong, known for its supermarket supplies and operations. As we approach the Chinese New Year, locals will be purchasing festive goodies. With Sheng Siong’s earnings report due in mid-February, there may be an opportunity for prices to move up this season.

POEMS Sheng Siong

Source: Phillip CFD

As of mid-January, Sheng Siong is on an uptrend with key levels at S$1.55 and within rectangle where the price low is at S$1.47. Traders can consider these 2 price points as they go about planning their trades. Given that this trade is seen as a short-term opportunity, lasting at most 2 months, trading Singapore CFD Sheng Siong could be a strategic choice to minimise cash outlay.


Oil Prices

Source: FreePik

Globally, the demand for oil is expected to rise. The Straits Times Index has noted that the Chinese New Year period is typically the busiest period for traveling, suggesting a potential bullish scenario for oil.


Source: Phillip CFD

BONUS: Trade Planning Indicator Giveaway

In this section, I’ll share a trade plan for CFD trading, emphasising the importance of risk management.

Below is an image of my proprietary trade indicator, which I use to advise my clients on trade planning.

Let’s consider US Oil as an example.

Bullish Scenario

Trading View Graph


There is a visible downtrend channel. A breakout from this channel followed by a retracement,  forming a second higher low, could present a trading opportunity.

Bearish Scenario

Trading View Graph


In the event that bullish scenario did not play out, a bearish play would be to the downside towards 68 area.


Trading View Graph 2


Above is a proprietary indicator which takes into account your CFD trading commissions and fees.

For a bearish scenario, with a S$10,000 account where a trader plans to risk 1% of his capital i.e. S$100 on this trade:

Entry price is US$71.5, stop loss at US$76.5, and target profit at US$66. By risking S$100, the trade indicator calculates that he should short 20 contracts.

Assuming a short-term trade of 20 days, the indicative cost of trading would be about S$$1.57.

The potential risk-reward ratio is approximately 1:2, which is very attractive.

The trade manager helps traders plan their trades and gives them a precise risk to reward ratio, taking into account the cost of trading.

If you are interested in this indicator, please contact me in my telegram group or email me at

If you are new to trading, open an Account with us and we’ll provide guidance to help you get started.


The examples presented above illustrate how traders can effectively plan their trades. The key steps include establishing a directional bias, preparing for various scenarios and carefully budgeting for each trade.

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