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FX Swap Heat Map

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Understanding the FX Swap Heat Map

The heat map shows the distribution of both buy and sell swap points when you hold these FX CFD positions overnight at the heat map. Swap points are calculated based on the difference in interest rates between the Forex pair you are trading. As every FX CFD trade involves selling one underlying currency and buying another, interest charges will be incurred. Interest may be gained or lost when you hold the FX CFD position overnight.

Blue indicates a positive value. The higher the colour intensity, the greater the value and the more interest you will receive when you hold your FX CFD position overnight.  It happens when the interest rate on the currency you are buying is higher than the interest rate on the currency you are selling.

Red indicates a negative value. The higher the colour intensity, the greater the value and the more interest you will pay when you hold your FX CFD position overnight. It happens when the interest rate on the currency you are buying is lower than the interest rate on the currency you are selling.

As long as you have an existing open position held overnight, interest adjustments will be applicable on a daily basis. This will be credited/debited into your CFD account in the form of an interest adjustment. All interest adjustments will be reflected in your daily statements.

For every forex trade, you are essentially selling a currency to buy the other currency. You receive interest daily on the currency you purchased, while paying interest for the currency you sell. This interest rate differential is defined as “Swap Points”. Strategies which seek to exploit this interest rate differential are known as “Carry Trades”.

Mike decides to enter into a Short Position for EUR/USD. When one enters into a short position for EUR/USD, one is Selling Euro and Buying USD.

Vice Versa, a Long Position for EUR/USD is defined as taking a Buy Position for Euro and a sell position for USD.

As the interest rates for the Euro is lower than that the USD, one will be able to yield an interest rate differential from the Swap Points by holding on to the trade overnight assuming that there are no major fluctuations between the 2 interest rates of the given Forex pair.

By holding the FX CFD pair denoted “Blue” from the FX heat map will allow you to earn daily interest as long as the given FX CFD pair is held overnight in the correct buy/sell direction.

Traders need to be aware of the Exchange Rate Fluctuations for the currency pairs they are holding.

Examples shown are for illustrative purposes and may not reflect the current interest rate of the respective currencies.

* For more information on the FX CFD trading hours, kindly refer to our FX CFD Product page.

1) Swap points on the heat map are subjected to changes on a daily basis.

Fluctuations in interest rates of the respective Forex pairs may cause the interest rate differential of the respective Forex pair to turn from positive to negative, and vice versa. This will be denoted by the colours changes in the FX swap heat map.

2) Higher values on interest adjustment may be expected if the value date of the underlying forex pair crosses over a weekend or holiday.

3) Past History may not be indicative of future results.

4) Although CFDs can magnify your gains through leverage, losses are also magnified and you could lose more than the original investment committed when the exchange rate for the underlying Forex pair moves against your position.

The key is always to use leverage responsibly and to have a trading exit strategy in place.

FX Currency Rates


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Long  indicates the buy value in the day for CFD
Short  indicates the sell value in the day for CFD
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Long  indicates the buy volume in the day for CFD
Short  indicates the sell volume in the day for CFD

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