What is CFD

CFD | What is CFD

Contracts For Difference (CFD) allows you to trade different markets using flexible strategies, at a fraction of the capital required by traditional trading. Learn how you can earn from the markets, regardless whether it is rising or falling.

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CFD Trading Pioneer

CFD | CFD Trading Pioneer

Phillip Securities is the first stockbroker to introduce CFDs to Singapore in 2003. There are many reasons to trade with the Largest CFD Provider in Singapore*.

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US Dollar is King
August 12, 2015
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CFD Education

Phillip CFD believes that knowledge is a lifelong journey and that it is important that we have a comprehensive education programme for clients. Come to our various seminars or watch our recorded webinars online right now!

Approachable, Trustworthy & Financially Stable

As the pioneer of CFD trading in Singapore, we won the award for Largest CFD Provider in Singapore by total number of relationships from Investment Trends 2011-2014 Singapore CFD & FX Report. In 2012, we were also most associated with being approachable, trustworthy and financially stable based on ratings given by 12,200 investors. Get started with us now!

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